GoodCraft Hack Cheat

So do you want a free card codes for Google Play or Apple Store? Is that in-app purchase really tempting you? How about removing those pesky ads that keeps on bugging you while you’re playing? I know that you just want to bypass some levels or get some power ups like the top players do. We are giving you that option by providing you with free gift cards! You can even buy things from Amazon or load up your PayPal. This is for a limited time only so take this chance as soon as possible.

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  1. Generation of Gift Cards Code once every 4 hours to prevent abuse.
  3. Unbannable since we don’t access the servers themselves. We just give out GCs for you to topped out your account.
  4. Always Up to Date!

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You only have this amount of time before the offer expires.GoodCraft Hack Cheat - Free Gift Card

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Instruction on how to get Free Gift Cards
  1. Click on the button ‘Get Gift Cards Now!’, you will be redirected to a webpage where it will generate the codes.
  2. Choose from any of the gift cards available such as Play Store, App Store, Amazon, PayPal, Steam, PSN, Facebook and a lot more!
  3. Choose from the denominations available which would depend on what card you chose.
  4. It will try to get a card code from the database. After, you have to verify that you are not a bot by clicking on the I’m not a robot box by ReCaptcha.
  5. Follow the instructions to prove that you’re a human.